Contents Cleaning Tarpon Springs

Our process begins with an photographic inventory of the affected contents and an assessment of the damage needing restoration/cleaning.

We work closely with the insurer to agree the most effective plan to stabilize the contents and remove them for treatment.


As contents arrive at our facility we check-in the items from the agreed inventory into our dedicated CatCleaning ™ inventory management system which allows us to track the entire work order or even any individual piece.

Our technicians will go to work immediately to stabilize the homes contents and using environmentally friendly treatments, start the cleaning process to mitigate against further losses from protracted storage. Items such as Oriental rugs, artworks, and electronics will be quickly relocated to specialist conservators for cleaning and restoration.

After cleaning/restoration many of the items will require a day or so in our dedicated Ozone room which removes any residual odors from smoke damage, microbial action, or from the cleaning process itself.

When cleansing and deodorizing is complete the homes contents will be packed and stored either in a dedicated customer vault or transferred to our climate control room if the item is temperature or humidity sensitive.

After the home has been repaired we will return the restored contents to the home.




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